Vancouver Sun Run 2010 : 51,000 runners !!

This past weekend I was lucky enough to be part of an amazing event. On Sunday May 09 2010 my self and 51,000 others participated in the 15th Annual Vancouver Sun Run. The day featured some of the fastest runner's in Canada, including Canadian Eric Gillis, Lucy Smith and up and coming Triathlete Paula Findlay.

The men's race came down to a three-person dual including the race winner Kip Kangogo, Eric Gillies and Willie Kimposop. The field stayed tightly together for the first 8km but then with just 1.5km to go Kip and Eric made their move to be crowned the winner. The race came down to the wire with Kip Kangogo taking the sprint and the win in a time of 29.02 just 3 seconds ahead of Gillis (29:05) and Willy Kimosop in 29:29.

Kip told reporters after the race that he " I had to psyche myself " for the finishing sprint. "I knew I could get [Gillies] with my kick."

That was just one story; by the end of the day there were 51,000 different stories that made the day unforgettable. Thank you to B.C Athletics, H.S.B.C and The Vancouver Sun and the hundreds of volunteers for putting on the event.

Can't wait till next year to be part of this amazing event :

Top Five Men Top Five Women

1.Kip Kangogo 29:02 1.Malindi Elmore 33:06
2.Eric Gillis 29:05 2.Paula Findly 34:00
3.Willy Kimosop 29:29 3.Emily Tallen 34:11
4.Scott Simpson 29:33 4.Kristina Rody 34:40
5.Matt Loiselle 29:41 5.Chatell Widney 34:41

Honorable Mentions

A.P Baillargeon-Smith 15th overall 30:57
Jeffery Philips 21st overall 31:35
Andrew Russell 22nd overall 31:58
Lucy Smith 7th women and top 50 overall !!

Toronto Spring Bike Show Review

The spring bike show took place this past weekend in Toronto. Although smaller in size than previous years, the show still had a lot to offer to all the bike-riding, warm weather deprived roadies and triathletes. At first glance, there seemed like some great deals but after much review and closer looks the deals were not so appealing. Many bike stores and retailers used the show this year to dump a lot of excess product and overstock. Sadly, very few of the bike manufacturers used this opportunity to showcase their new 2011 products with only a few exceptions. Argon 18 had a nice display of their new lineup but only showcased a handful of bikes and didn't create much of an eye-catching display that the bikes deserved. The Shimano booth as usual drew a lot of attention showcasing their new 2011 line again with showcasing the newest in innovation with their wireless Dura-Ace Di2 shifters. The BIG KAHUNA of the bike show was easily the professionals at Invita sport. Year after year David and Helen and the staff at Invita work hard at not only delivering beautiful products but also finding new and exciting ways to stand out from the rest of the crowd. At this bike show Invita wowed the crowd once again by showcasing the new 2011 Willier full bike line-up including the creme de resistance, the new 2011 Cento Crono TT bicycle by John Cobb featuring one of the only frames specifically designed with in-frame housing for Dura-Ace Di2. Another eye-catching bike on display was the new 2011 Pinarello Dogma. Once again, Pinarello has merged beauty, elegance and performance in the creation of the Dogma.

Not to be outdone by the beautiful bikes, Invita Sport also wowed the crowd with beautiful models in the daily fashion show featuring the new clothing line from Assos, Willier Trestina and GSG. The models strutted the runway showing off the finest in Italian and Swiss cycling gear and apparel.

Check out the photos below to see all the latest products brought to you by Invita Sport, your Italian cycling solution.