Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the Junior Elite Fighting Koala's Triathlon Team.

We wish everyone the best in trying to keep up with us in the New Year... :)

One Word... FAST !!!

Watch out cause this is truly how you buy speed.

Houdini couldn't escape this one and neither could I...

The New 2010 John Cobb designed Wilier Cento1 Crono

The Cento1 Crono is the aero weapon of choice in the arsenal of Pro Tour Lampre, Under 23 time trial world Champion Adriano Malori.

All Hail Team Allied Force

Well I guess Christmas has come a little early for all you T.I.T'S.

Allow me to introduce the hottest new high flying, hardest hitting, no prisoner taking air force triathlon team: Team Allied Force.

Who are these high flying hot dawgs you ask? Let me give you a feel for the force. Introducing:

Dave "The Iceman" Sharratt - You're as cold as ice
James "The Viper" Loaring
Steve "Houdini" Hewick - Abracadabra Holmes Abracadabra
Ryan "Hollywood" Smith
Tyler "Wolfman" Lord
Mike "The Stinger" Hay
Mark "Merlin" Linseman

Ontario and Canada and soon the world, brace yourselves for the ultimate "shock and awe" of the force. It's about to be World War III up in here.

It's not too late to ask Santa for a clean pair of underwear.

Welcome to the Danger Zone !!!

The first chapter of a new beginning

As usual I find myself trying to catch on to the newest and latest trends. As I sit in my new living room playing, or should I say "getting schooled” at Mario Kart by my younger and not as nearly good-looking teammate Connor we find ourselves talking about the latest post and Blog's from around the triathlon world.

Being as clueless and technologically retarded I ask him "hey so how do I start a blog". After many hours of explaining and solving for "X", (x amount of times) I finally figured out how to set up my very own Blog.

I guess this is where the title " The first chapter of a new begging" comes into play.

Over the next few months I am going to try to add my fingerprint to the world of bloging. I will keep my vast audience update on my training, racing, triathlon club, and the rest of the randomness, which makes up my Doggie dog world....

And so it begins,

Chapter One....